Tonight I participated in my first Escambia Bay Homebrew Club activity; a fund raiser for The Belmont Arts and Cultural Center. Tonight they had their “Hot Glass, Cold Brew” which featured blown glass demos, auctions of hand crafted glass items, live music and of course complementary beer provided by the Homebrew club. I know for fact I’ve never served so many glasses of beer. We had 13 items listed:

  1. Belmont Pale Ale
  2. Light Lager
  3. Jim’s Root Beer
  4. Jim’s Honey Ale
  5. Jim’s Blueberry Wine
  6. Rick & Butch Tornado Watch IPA (between 8% and 9% ABV)
  7. Dusty’s Red
  8. P&B Pale Ale
  9. P&B Wheat
  10. Ron’s Rum Punch
  11. Scott’s Cherry Wheat
  12. Laura’s Dry Cider
  13. Laura’s Blueberry Cider

This was a fun event for me, not only did I find out about the Belmont Art & Culture Center but I also got to meet other club members. The BACC looks like a pretty cool organization.