A pound a week treadmill program

This morning, I did day 2 of the 1 pound a week program on my treadmill.  Yeah, it’s nearly a week after I did the first day, but I’ve done a lot of other treadmill and strength training work since then too.  Not a whole lot more details about this, it was after all a treadmill run.

I’m especially happy to see my weight loss heading back in the right direction.  As I had written earlier, I

put some weight that I had lost back on while my shoulder was hurting so much.  I got pretty depressed over it and stopped working out and stopped eating right.

Weight Loss since Jan. 2009

It is pretty amazing how much exercising can improve how you feel.  Now, if I can just work on my sleep habits, I should be much better off!

On a side note, the treadmill works soo much better with a bit of lube on it.  I wasn’t nearly thrown over the front of it today since the belt didn’t seize on me this time.