Stronglifts day 4, more treadmill woes and a walk with my wife

I’ve completed day 4 of the Stronglifts program.  Today was squats, bench presses, reverse curls, push ups and reverse crunches again.  After that I tried running on the treadmill, but ran into problems with it again.  Let me tell you, it’s no fun when your running at 6 mph and the belt seizes on you.  Once again, I found myself flying against the console of the treadmill.  My run lasted all of 13 minutes.

Later on, I went on a walk with my wife. We walked 3.25 miles and kept an average speed of 3 mph.  Not bad.  I did end up getting a fricken blister on the bottom of my foot though.  During the walk we watched a mini van get pulled over by three police cars.  The police got out of their cars guns raised and the driver and occupant surrendered.  It sucks seeing this kind of stuff happen so close to home.