Better late than never – Stronglifts

We got back from a trip early morning on the 2nd.  A short 2.5 hour nap later, I’m heading to work.  After work, I laid down to take a short nap before I worked out and ended up sleeping nearly 6 hours.  Yeah, I was tired!

We needed to get dog food and I got duped by my wife into a “quick” trip to Walmart that lasted an hour an a half..   So finally once I’m home I can finally start my much delayed workout.

I don’t really feel like making the graphs tonight, so just a copy and paste of my workout stats tonight.  Just Stronglifts and no cardio tonight.

Stronglifts 5×5 day 9
Date: 2010-06-02
Repetitions: 1
kcal: 311
Weight: 265.0 lbs.
Heart Rate: 87 / 119 / 149 – bpm (min/avg/max)
Duration: 00:38:20 (HH:MM:SS)

Yeah, if your noticing I put on some weight on my trip.  All that eating out, but I’m sure most of it is from sodium.  It’s hard to eat low sodium when your eating out nearly every meal for a week.