A family walk to the park and a workout

Route from Google Earth

Today the wife and I took the daughters to the local neighborhood park. We’ve lived in the neighborhood for over 3 years now and have never stopped at the park. I was a bit disappointed to find that there were nothing I could use for a pull-up bar, no monkey bars or anything. Just a big play structure with some slides and some swing sets.

I was also disappointed to find broken bottles around the play area. I cleaned them up the best I could before I let the girls play, and made sure they didn’t go near that area. The girls had fun and really enjoyed the swing sets.

The walk to the park and back was incredibly slow, I couldn’t really count it as a workout, so I got on the treadmill later in the evening and did 2 miles in 40 minutes. I put the treadmill on one of the “Burn 300 calories” cycles and plodded away.  The warm up and cool off periods are a bit annoying though, the speed settings are way too slow.  For what ever reason, the treadmill drops to a whooping 1 mph for warm up.  I can’t comfortably walk at less then 2 mph so I have to keep adjusting the speed.  The result was far more than 300 calories burned.

I did run into an issue with my Polar HRM that I’ve never had before.  At 3 separate times, it stopped reading my pulse rate correctly.  I’ll need to check with Polar, to see if that is an indication of the battery failing, the sensor strap or even worse, malfunction.