@Sprint update – Still no 4G but feeling a little better

Last month after contacting Sprint via their online chat, I agreed to have a Sprint representative call me back. Unfortunately, I was busy when someone from Sprint called back and I missed the call. Finally a few days ago, I found a chance to call Sprint back to discuss my dissatisfaction about being lied to in regards to my local 4G coverage.

This time, instead of talking to someone who seemed to only want to tell the customer whatever they wanted to hear, even if it was a blatant lie, I spoke to Janine T., who’s honesty was refreshing.  Not only did she have an incredibly sexy British accent, she took the time to find a resolution that was acceptable.

So, while I may not have 4G coverage yet and I find myself hoping to have it soon, I am feeling better about the situation. I’m not trying to justify a move to AT&T or Verizon, which after early termination fees and having to buy new phones again would have been upwards of $800.