Vomit tastes better than bubble bath

The other night my wife took my oldest daughter to a birthday party.  Afterward they returned with a few party favors, one of which was a Micky Mouse Coin Bank/Bubble Bath combo.  She was all excited about the coin bank and I didn’t know about the bubble bath in in until she brought it to me last night when her younger sister managed to get the top off and spill it in her bed room.

I took the bubble bath and poured the remaining liquid into a plastic water bottle and put it in the bathroom for later use.  Ally likes her bubble baths, as I’m sure most little girls her age do too.  Before I put the bottle in the bathroom, I made sure to tell my wife, that way she knew what it was.

Apparently, my mother-in-law who stays with us didn’t get the memo.  Since she doesn’t speak English and I don’t speed Spanish, we have some great conversations.  I can’t say I don’t like not being able to understand each other, in fact I know many who would love to have the same problem.  Sometimes, it’s not very convenient though.  Unknown to me, she thought the bottle of bubble bath was a bottle of fruit punch instead.  Last week, my wife’s uncle gave us a box of sugar free Hawaiian Punch packets that you mix into individual bottles.  Since it’s sugar free, we’d been letting the girls have some.

So, the M.I.L. takes the bottle of bubble bath from the bathroom and moves it from the bathroom and into the fridge.  The liquid is water melon scented and is a fruity red color.  I can understand how she mistook it for fruit punch, because I did the same thing tonight when I was getting ready for my workout.  As I was getting me some water, I spied the bottle of fruity red liquid and thought it would be mighty tasty.  I unscrewed the lid and took a big swig.. Only to find myself running to the kitchen sink and vomiting.  It was not an enjoyable experience and just thinking about and writing about it makes my body shiver with disgust.   It is a very difficult flavor to get out of your mouth and even now, about 3 hours later I’m still tasting it.

I can say with authority that vomit tastes better than bubble bath, no matter how enticing the scents are.

After I recovered my composure, I went out to my screen room where my weights are and completed my workout.  Today is day 11 of Stronglifts, workout A:  Squat @100 lbs., Bench Press @70 lbs., reverse curls x3 sets to fail and push-ups x3 sets to fail.

The weights are really starting to feel heavy and really make make me work up a sweat.  On the bench presses, I’ve really started noticing the strength difference in my left and right shoulders.  Last summer I injured my right shoulder causing an inflamed rotater cuff.  Since October of last year, I’ve tried to let my shoulder heal and have done hardly any physical activity.  The constant pain really put me into a depression and I totally quit working out and completely fell off my diet, putting back 20 of the 48 lbs. I lost last year.  Now I’m trying to play catch up.

On bench presses and over head presses, I struggle with my right shoulder more with the lifts.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to build my strength up more and the last remaining pain will eventually go away with some strengthening.

Tonight’s workout:

Stronglifts 5×5 day 11
Date: 2010-06-07
Repetitions: 1
kcal: 401
Weight: 265.0 lbs.
Heart Rate: 89 / 126 / 167 – bpm (min/avg/max)
Duration: 00:41:57 (HH:MM:SS)

A note to spammers – Spam filtering at two levels

I appreciate the fact that people actually look at my blog posts.  It’s pretty interesting to me that someone may find what I have to say interesting enough to actually look at my website.  I’ve owned this domain now for just shy of 8 years and it’s gone through several overhauls while I tried to figure out what to do with it.

What I don’t appreciate are the spammers out there who think that blogs and emails are there for them to pollute our data streams with.  Spammers are one of the lowest forms of life forms found on the Internet, the only thing lower than a spammer is anyone involved in child porn.  Give me 5 minutes with a spammer, and I’ll make sure he or she will never be able to type with their fingers again.

Now, if your visiting my website and you think that the comment fields are a great place to leave a link back to your Chinese discount shoe site, or whatever scam your trying to push on the Internet, it ain’t going to work.   First off, I use spam filtering so any comment first must pass through a spam filter looking for spam messages.  If your message gets past the filtering without being flagged as spam, it then goes into a hold queue where I must first approve the message before it gets posted.

So there you have it, it’s a total waste of time to try to post spam on my blog.  If you’re a spammer and would like it, I have a nice recipe for Rat Poison Tea to share with you.

Getting back in the saddle

Last August I was dealing with a shoulder issue that was pretty painful. I went to the Doctor, had an MRI, found it was an inflamed rotator cuff, had two cortisone shots and a lot of physical therapy. In all, I racked up nearly a $4k bill for what my insurance didn’t cover and continued to have pain for quite a while. I kept wondering why I paid the doctor, I mean, if I took my car to a shop and they didn’t fix the problem, I wouldn’t pay the bill either, but I digress.

I got pretty demotivated. I don’t know how other people’s shoulder injuries are, but mine hurt with everything I did. I couldn’t hold my weight up on a bike and even running or even less, walking I felt my shoulder on every step. Answering my desk phone at work hurt. It was messed up and it pissed me off to no end. I ended up totally falling off my wagon.

I stopped exercising, I started not caring what I ate, I’ve been eating stuff I’d sworn off, such as fast food and sodas. I ended up putting back 26 of the hard lost 48 pounds I fought to lose before. I even started pulling my fat clothes back out because they fit better.

About a month ago, as if someone flipped a switch, my shoulder finally stopped hurting all the time. A couple weeks ago, I got on my weight bench to see how well I could bench press. I still had 135 lbs. on the bar, untouched since before October. I was able to push out 3 reps and it didn’t hurt. I’ve lost a lot of strength while letting my shoulder mend. I figured I’d give it another month or so before I tried any real lifting again. I’ve been giving a lot of thought and looking forward to getting active again.

I went to the Doctor last week, had my first physical in at least 8 years. I was a little worried that stuff like cholesterol would be off, (not because I eat bad, I eat pretty well actually- just too much) but the only thing that was off was my good cholesterol levels were off, literally only by 3 points. The Doc said exercise would fix that.

So I’m at home on Monday night, working on a computer. Installing an OS to be specific with lots of dead time between actions. I got the bug to do something.. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, I just felt that I had to do something. So I went out to the weight bench, took off the plates that were already there, since I didn’t want to screw up my shoulder again. I figured I’d start light, just the 45 lb weight bar. I got on the bench and started doing bench presses. I pumped out 15 straight reps and felt it was pretty easy, so I decided to do 14, then 13, then 12, etc., down to 1. Moved off to curls and did descending reps of 10. Then it was squats then reverse curls. I went back to bench presses and tried working back up to 15, but only got 12 full sets. On my 13th set, I was only able to 11 reps. By then I was pretty worn out and ready to stop. It felt good, really good in a weird-I-love-pain sort of way. My shoulder didn’t hurt, but my arms and legs felt like jelly.

I knew I’d be sore the next day, but whoa.. Someone just hit me with a tank and end it now! I let the adrenaline in me take over and kept going, not giving any thought about what would happen later. I think that I must have subconsciously been punishing myself for letting myself go again.

Now, on Thursday, my muscles are back to usable and I’m thinking I need to start following some set workout plan. My only hang up now is that the Bicep and Brachioradalis (yeah, I looked it up, I’m a computer geek, not an anatomy geek) in my right arm are still pretty damned sore. Heat pads and constant stretching are helping, but it still feels like that day after. If I sit at my computer (I’m at work right now) my arm will stiffen up and I’ll have to stretch it out again to get flexibility back. It sounds like tendinitis to me.

I think I’m going to start with the StrongLifts 5×5 program. Once I get my fitness level up again, I’ll either start P90X or crossfit.